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Taklon Small Eyeshadow Brush
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Taklon Small Eyeshadow Brush

Seeking a brush that's small, soft, and superior for applying J.Lynne mineral eyeshadows? Look no further! The Taklon Small Eyeshadow Brush has dense bristles that cling to our loose powder shadows, making application a breeze! Just swirl this professional makeup brush in your eyeshadow color, tap off the excess, and pat onto your eyelid. (Use a damp brush -- also known as "foiling" -- to bring out the rich colors and gleam, as well as increasing staying power.) Your eyes will go from bare to beautiful in no time at all!

Our professional cosmetic brushes were created especially with mineral cosmetics in mind, and work beautifully with all of our powder mineral makeup products. These cosmetic brushes are specialty items that are not made by J.Lynne Cosmetics, but are created by a top professional makeup brush manufacturer right here in the United States.

Caring For Your J.Lynne Mineral Makeup Brush

Each of our taklon-series mineral makeup brushes are hand-woven from high quality, synthetic taklon fibers. Because of this delicate process, we recommend gently washing your new cosmetic brushes before use, to ensure that any loose bristles are washed away from the brush tip. Depending on the makeup brush style, several washings may be necessary to minimize shedding. We suggest using gentle shampoo or liquid hand soap, and rinsing thoroughly in lukewarm water. Please avoid getting water in the brush handle and base, as this may loosen the glue and cause additional shedding. To dry your cosmetic brushes, turn them upside-down and stand them on their bristles on a clean, dry paper towel (long-handled brushes may be laid flat).

We recommend washing your brushes once every 1-2 weeks, depending on usage. This will ensure that the bristles remain soft and clean, and will help to keep the minerals from collecting in the bristles.

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