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Smooth Mineral Foundation     5.0 Out Of 5
     5.0 out of 34 reviews

Smooth Mineral Foundation
Price:   Price varies based on options.
Note: Sample Sizes now 2X larger than before
Note: 50g Jar LARGE Full Size now available!
Note: TwistLock Sifter now available for select sizes!
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J.Lynne's smooth, light weight mineral foundation combines the benefits of a loose mineral powder with the full coverage of a liquid. But unlike traditional liquid and creme foundations, our mineral make-up foundation feels soft, silky, and breathable on your skin -- never heavy or mask-like. We formulate our mineral foundations with pure titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which provide completely natural sun protection and excellent coverage for every skin type!

NEW! TwistLock Sifter TwistLock sifter now available for 20g and 30g sizes! TwistLock Sifter  NEW!
This convenient new sifter can be locked after use to prevent product from accumulating above the sifter when not in use! Simply Unlock, Use, and then Lock Again!

NEW! Flexible Buying Now choose between 3 Sample Sizes and 3 Full Sizes for your convenience! Flexible Buying  NEW!
Baggie - Small Sample Size : 1/2 tsp. in sealed baggie
5g jar - Medium Sample Size : 5 grams net vol (2 grams net wt) w/o sifter jar
10g jar - Large Sample Size : 10 grams net vol (3 grams net wt) w/o sifter jar

20g jar - Small Full Size : 20 grams net vol (5 grams net wt) sifter jar
30g jar - Standard Full Size : 30 grams net vol (10 grams net wt) sifter jar
50g jar - Large Full Size : 50 grams net vol (15 grams net wt) sifter jar

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Zinc Oxide (CI 77947), Mica (CI 77019), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499). May Contain Ultramarines (CI 77007).

Need help finding your perfect shade of our natural looking makeup? Click here for the J.Lynne Mineral Foundation Guide, and discover the ideal mineral makeup shades to help you look "purely beautiful, naturally you!"

Mineral Foundation Colors

Porcelain & Fair - For pale to fair skintones that rarely tan.
Ivory & Light - Light to medium-light skintones. Our most popular shades.
Ivory/Light (I/L) - A 50/50 blend of our Ivory & Light shades.
Medium & Tan - For those with light to medium tans or olive/ethnic skintones.
Deep & Deeper - For those with deep tans or darker skintones.

Mineral Foundation Undertones

Beige - Straight beige undertones (no pink, peach, or golden).
Cool - A soft pink/peach undertone, excellent for cooler complexions.
Neutral - An even, neutral balance of pink, peach, and golden undertones.
Warm - A soft yellow/peach undertone, excellent for warmer-toned skin.
Golden - True golden/yellow undertones, for very golden-toned skin.

Application Tips: J.Lynne Smooth Mineral Foundation allows you to achieve the exact level of coverage that's right for you! Apply our mineral foundations with one of our soft kabuki brushes for light to medium coverage -- or use a damp brush to create a more matte, complete coverage. You can also use our taklon concealer brush and flocked makeup sponge to apply the makeup foundation exactly where you need it for concealing. And if you love the look of tinted moisturizer, just mix a bit of mineral powder with some aloe vera gel or your favorite lotion, and create a smooth coverage creme. The choice is yours!

We highly recommend purchasing samples of our products. Our mineral make-up foundation shades all have unique degrees of color and undertones. J.Lynne makes every attempt to photograph and describe each color accurately; however due to variances in monitor settings and visual perceptions, products may apply differently on your skin than they appear in the color swatches.

Product Reviews

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Reviewer: Danielle
08/28/2013 11:52pm
Got my foundation samples in the mail today and so far so good! I was looking for more natural makeup that wouldn't irritate my acne-prone, sensitive skin. Definitely glad I found J. Lynne!
Reviewer: Leslie
03/22/2010 02:53pm
I love this foundation and have been wearing it for some time now. I buy 2 colors to mix depending on the time of year and my tanning. Thanks.
Reviewer: Anne
02/22/2010 05:29am
I tried so many mineral make-up products but this is simply the best! Recently I tried some German mineral foundations (because Germany is my home country) but they were not good at all! Shipping rate was lower of course, but the foundation was much more expensive and did not work well for my skin. It did not cover redness and I got some breakouts.
I definitely stay with Jlynne products!
Reviewer: Tasia
12/17/2009 02:34pm
I have dry sensitive skin with a little scaring. I tried BE a few years ago and didn't like it. I thought I looked like I dunked my face in flour and it made me itch terribly. I didn't try mineral makeup again until now. I found J. Lynne through I considered ordering for a few days before I did. What sold me was the application guide. It was so refreshing to see pictures of Jess without makeup. I was surprised with the coverage, her blemishes were concealed so well. The before and after pictures (complete look) was amazing. I bought the starter kit for ivory/light skin and found my perfect match, ivory warm 1.4. I didn't have any itching (I'm glad this is bismuth free) and no flour looking skin. What I did have was perfect coverage using a teeny bit and flawless skin (used a kabuki brush). I have since bought the full size :)
Reviewer: Kimberly
12/16/2009 12:45am
I love your foundation! I have been a customer for several years now, and I'll continue to be a customer for life. I love how the foundation is so finely milled, so it goes on very smooth. I have generally dry skin, so I must hydrate well before applying this foundation, but I do finish with a hydrosol, which helps the foundation set with such a smooth dewy finish. Thank you for your simple products that are kind to my sensitive skin.
Reviewer: Sarah
11/02/2009 02:00am
I love your foundation! I wear it everyday and have stopped using any other foundation. I love how there are so many shades of the foundation and how inexpensive the samples are. It's always good to try the makeup on your skin before buying it. I agree with one of the other reviewers: I have olive or yellow undertone skin. Store bought foundation is usually too dark, too pink, or too tan. And if I get a lighter shade, it is also too fair/pink. There is usually not a good selection of makeup for my skin tone. Even other mineral makeup brands don't provide many shades. But you have an excellent selection of shades and I can find the color that is JUST right for me. I love how JLynne mineral makeup makes my skin look smooth and glow. It has such a nice consistency and it lasts all day without actually looking or feeling like I am wearing any makeup. Regular foundation starts to look dull or get creases etc. by the middle of the day. It's a great bonus, too, that it's actually good for your skin!
Reviewer: Terri
10/30/2009 09:44am
Wonderful makeup -- and I have tried so many mineral brands that just don't cover my redness. Was thankful for the size and price of the samples and surprised that the warm shades matched best and did not change color throughout the day! Other foundation recommendations had me as a cool, but always turned pink. J. Lynne foundations match and stay true to my skin with no itching, fading, or shining.
Reviewer: Catherine
10/23/2009 10:04am
I love your make up! Bare Minerals broke me out within a few days, so I switched to J. Lynne, and I've never had any problems since. Lots and lots of shades, easy application, and great coverage. Thanks!
Reviewer: Falguni
10/20/2009 08:29pm
I have tried several different mineral foundations and nothing compares to yours. I just love your product. Yours is the only one that does not make me break out. I send mine to my sister in India as she is hooked to your product as well. Thank you for such a lovely product.
Reviewer: Janice
10/19/2009 12:43pm
The mineral foundation is a fantastic product - I've not found anything that is as good, and one container lasts a long time!
Reviewer: Melissa
10/05/2009 05:27am
By far the best makeup I have tried. Feels light on your skin but doesn't wear off during the day. One of the best things about the site is that you can buy things in sample size first, so I didn't have to spend a lot to find the right foundation shade.
Reviewer: Rebecca
10/05/2009 05:23am
This is the first mineral foundation I have tried that does not dry my skin or accentuate every fine line and pore on my face, and actually matches my face and neck while covering redness, and looks luminescent but still very natural in sunlight. My husband actually said my face glowed, and this is when I was sick and my skin looked terrible! I really love it and am back to buy the full size!
Reviewer: Ashley
08/24/2009 06:55pm
As a biracial half Korean and Black girl it has been a long search for the perfect foundation. It has been so difficult to find a foundation that actually matches my skin tone. I have wasted so much money on other brands like Afterglow, Monave, etc. and I was always disappointed. My search is over and I can say with strong conviction that IVORY GOLDEN 1.5 is my perfect match. The tezture goes on so smooth and provides awesome coverage for my super oily acne prone skin. I don't even breakout anymore thanks to this foundation. As a college student on a budget, this is the best quality for your money. This foundation is the best that I have found and it is worth every cent. Thank you J Lynne for ending my search for the perfect foundation!
Reviewer: Valentina
08/24/2009 02:36pm
I'm Italian, and I discovered your site while studying in the US. I've just bought the samples and I've been using them for days now!! I absolutely love this foundation, it covers perfectly and lasts all day. It is the best foundation I've ever tried!
Reviewer: Sara
08/03/2009 02:50pm
Love it. Went on very smoothly and lasted all day.
Reviewer: Lisa
06/17/2009 06:14pm
I have tried multiple shade samples and have found the one that works best. I highly recommend that you purchase a few samples first. The foundation provides great, breathable coverage. I also use this with a concealer brush to hide blemishes and other small imperfections; it works beautifully.
Reviewer: Colette
04/26/2009 05:51pm
I have only been using the powder foudation for about a week now and I am very impressed. I have reacted to every mineral foundation powder I have ever tried (and I've tried many) and with the J. Lynne powder my skin feels comfortable and not irritated and no breakouts! It is a wonderful product and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for such a great product.
Reviewer: Randi
04/17/2009 03:50pm
I have been wearing this makeup for two years. I started wearing it just as the powder, but recently I have been mixing it with my favorite moisturizer to get a custom tinted moisturizer. My face sweats badly in our hot humid summer and the powder stays on better than other makeups. I tried other mineral makeups and they were either too little coverage or made my face itch. I use the neutral shades and combine light and medium or tan neutral for a custom color to perfectly match my skin.
Reviewer: Susan
04/09/2009 01:26am
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Light Warm 2.4 Mineral Smooth Foundation! I've tried the Bare Minerals, as well- and frankly, I have most of it left still. For some reason, your foundation is SO natural and really evens out my skin tone. Thank you so much!
Reviewer: Nadine
03/15/2009 03:41pm
Very matte, no glow at all. Medium-to-full coverage. Pure formula, meaning no built-in oil control or hydrating ingredients. Has never irritated my acne-prone skin. If you're having trouble with J.Lynne's foundation looking cakey, try fluffing it on with a brush that's not too dense.
Reviewer: Tina
03/11/2009 06:23pm
I really like this product and intend to continue using it. It gives me great coverage and stays all day.
Reviewer: TC
03/08/2009 02:48pm
I ordered the samples and loved them! I am ordering the full sized versions today.
Reviewer: Janice
01/19/2009 05:40am
This is my holy grail of foundations. It gives good coverage without looking caked on, it wears well without the need for touchups throughout the day, it does not aggravate my acne-prone skin, and it has a built-in sunscreen. Plus, the price, packaging and customer service are excellent.
Reviewer: Anne
01/06/2009 04:36am
I use your wonderful foundation since 5 years now. I live in Germany and I am happy that it is so easy to order it online, because in Germany there is nothing that compares to your foundation!
Reviewer: Nami
12/06/2008 08:19am
I have eczema and had a problem with skin products for a long time. BUT! I finally found your product and it matches with my skin perfectly! Thank you very much for your product!!
Reviewer: Karen
11/05/2008 06:23pm
After trying many different brands of mineral foundation this has been the best choice. I finally have a color that matches plus, a smooth flawless look! Truly a superior product by far.
Reviewer: Wendy
10/13/2008 01:50pm
LOVE IT! I have tried many, many other mineral makeups and nothing compares to this. It covers my flaws, goes on smooth and STAYS on the entire day!
Reviewer: Denise
09/15/2008 11:42am
This is my holy grail of foundation makeup!! I can use the minerals wet with a big brush for a matte look with medium coverage, or I can buff them on dry for a semi-matte look with light coverage. Either way, you can't lose! I used other mineral makeups before but they always made me break out...these don't! They go on very easily no matter how you apply them and they always look great. The best part is that you look flawless in natural know how sometimes regular makeup looks obvious in sunlight, this looks like your bare skin, only better! I can't recommend them enough.
Reviewer: Kate
08/26/2008 08:12am
Smooth mineral foundation is truly the most breathable foundation out there. I have sensitive skin, but the lack of irritants and synthetics keeps me from breaking out or getting splotchy. Also, the makeup is just really user-friendly because of the sample sizes, which allowed me to try several shades before selecting my perfect match.
Reviewer: Alicia
08/13/2008 08:01pm
Just received my full-size foundation. I should probably tell you that this is the first time I've ordered a full size after trying the samples of any mineral make-up product and believe me, I've tried many. I can go to sleep with this stuff on and my skin has been healing with better results than any skin care product I've used. Make-up that makes your skin look better not only with, but also without, sounds too good to be true...but J. Lynne manages to make it happen. Thanks for all your work.
Reviewer: kittybe
07/09/2008 10:06am
How much do I love these foundation colours? Finally, colours that match my skin tone. Until I found J. Lynne, I was never able to get a powder to look right. But I realized after sampling several different shades, that my skin tone tends to the more golden, peachy side. I don't have pink or yellow or "neutral" skin tones, I have a different kind of mix. I don't wear powder often, but it's nice to know that when I want to look a bit more polished, I have great, flattering shades to go to that cover well and feel good on my skin.
Reviewer: Tracy
07/05/2008 07:15am
I found Jess a few years ago after trying BE and loving it but hating the itch the mineral veil caused. After sampling several choices, I became hooked on Jess's mineral foundation. Its smooth, goes on flawlessly and stays on. It covers well and love the fact I can choose from so many different shades and tones. I am a customer for life!
Reviewer: Carol
05/15/2008 06:22am
I'm very happy with your foundation. It's taking me awhile to find my exact color match, but your wonderful samples are a big help! Thanks for creating such a superior product, that looks natural, stays on, and is good for your skin!
Reviewer: Sara
03/01/2008 03:04pm
I love this foundation!! It covers sooo easily and makes my skin look truly flawless. Def. the best mineral foundation I have tried. Thanks for making such a great product!!
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