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Makeup Application Guide

Thank you for visiting our makeup application guide! On this page, we'll be sharing our step-by-step guide of makeup application tips that are specific to natural cosmetics. Mineral makeup is very different from "traditional" pressed powders and liquid formulas, so these makeup techniques will help you achieve your ideal look with our products!

Mineral Foundation & Powder Application

Jess With Bare Skin
Hi! I'm Jess, J.Lynne Cosmetics creator. I can't believe I'm showing my bare skin, yikes! :-)

Mineral foundation application begins with clean, bare skin. We recommend using one of our natural handmade soaps to cleanse, then pat dry. Apply a small amount of your favorite moisturizer (or our liquid foundation primer) to slightly damp skin and allow 10 - 15 minutes for the product to sink in. Your skin is now prepped and ready for J.Lynne Mineral Foundation!

Mineral Foundation Application   Mineral Foundation Application
I have some acne and redness, so our Taklon Kabuki and Flocked Makeup Sponge work well.

There are many different mineral foundation application methods to try, depending on your skin type and the amount of coverage you need. Our two favorites are the following:

Using one of our kabuki makeup brushes, buff a small amount of foundation powder into your skin, going in small circles with light pressure. Build up the coverage of your foundation in light layers, using only a small amount of foundation at a time to prevent caking. Excellent for those with normal/oily skin, especially if you use one of our Mineral Priming Powders before applying foundation to help with oil control. For heavier or fuller coverage, try using a damp kabuki brush.

Mix a small amount of foundation powder with your favorite moisturizer or aloe vera gel. This creates a liquid-like consistency that's ideal for application with our Flocked Makeup Sponge. Depending on the amount of foundation powder you use, you can achieve light to heavy coverage with a soft, velvety finish. Recommended for those with dry/normal skin who need extra hydration and prefer a more dewy finish.

Mineral Foundation Concealing   Finishing Powder Application
I like to conceal with our Baby Kabuki brush and apply finishing powder with our Luscious Kabuki.

To conceal blemishes and achieve a beautiful, flawless finish, we recommend concealing by applying a small amount of the mineral foundation with our Baby Kabuki, our Mini Taklon Kabuki, or the versatile Taklon Concealer Brush. Then sweep on a soft layer of Mineral Priming Powder (for those with moderate to very oily skin) and/or Mineral Finishing Powder (for setting and light oil control).

Full Mineral Foundation Application
I'm using Mineral Smooth Foundation in "Ivory Cool 1.2" and Mineral Finishing Powder in "Peach".

Mineral Glow & Blush Application

Mineral Glow Application   Mineral Blush Application
I have very fair skin, so I warm it up with "Natural" Mineral Glow and "Crush" Mineral Blush.

If you love the look of soft, luminous, airbrushed skin -- look no further than our fabulous Mineral Glow Iluminating Powders! These powders give your skin a sheer, luminous glow. And for a pretty, subtle flush, try applying one of our Soft Silk Mineral Blushes (a little bit goes a long way!) Both of these powders can be applied with one of our kabuki makeup brushes. We recommend the Mini Taklon Kabuki or the Baby Kabuki.

Eyeliner Application

Mineral Eyeliner Application   Mineral Eyeliner Application
I'm using "Mistress" Ultra Intensity Eyeliner, Eyeliner Sealant, and the Taklon Pointed Definer Brush.

For flawless eyeliner application, we recommend using our Taklon Pointed Definer Brush (a thin, point-tipped brush) or our Deluxe Eyeliner Brush (a flat, square-head brush). Our Mineral Eyeliners may be applied dry for a soft, smoky effect or they may be mixed with our Eyeliner Sealant to create a long-wearing liquid formula. Here's our favorite wet-lining application method:

Mix a small amount of mineral eyeliner powder with 1 - 2 drops of eyeliner sealant (you can use the palm of your hand, the lid of the jar, a small mixing bowl, etc.) Using the tip of your brush, mix the powder and sealant together to create a liquid consistency. You want to be sure that the mixture is dense with color and not too runny -- add extra eyeliner powder or sealant as needed. Then apply with your favorite eyelining brush by drawing a thin line directly next to your eyelashes. Allow the liquid eyeliner to dry for one minute before fully opening your eyes -- this will help to prevent running or smearing.

Eyeshadow Application

Eyebrow Color Application   Mineral Eyeshadow Application
I fill in my brows with "Briar" Eyeshadow and use "Cafe au Lait" Eyeshadow on my lids.

Have thin eyebrows that need definition? A great trick is to tame and shape them using our Creme Lash Thickener, which will give your brows a slightly thicker appearance while also helping them to stay in place. To add color, several of our Plush Velvet Mineral Eyeshadows are excellent choices for brow-filling using a q-tip or eyeshadow brush.

Eyeshadow application with our mineral eyeshadows is truly a breeze! We offer three different eyeshadow finishes -- Multi-Dimensions (Shimmering) Mineral Eyeshadow, Satin Pearls (Luster/Frost) Mineral Eyeshadow, and Plush Velvet (Matte) Mineral Eyeshadow -- all of which apply beautifully using our Shade It Eyeshadow Brush. Just load up the brush with eyeshadow powder, tap off the excess, and gently press the eyeshadow onto your lids (this helps to prevent powder fallout from the brush tip).

And for a look that will truly mesmerize, "foil" your eyeshadow with a damp brush. Foiling brings out the color intensity, luster, and shimmer like nothing else! Just shake a small amount of eyeshadow powder into the jar lid, wet your eyeshadow brush, and mix to form a thick liquid consistency. Then press the eyeshadow into your eyelids and allow to dry. This is a great way to set your eyeshadow for long-lasting wear, and it really does allow the colors to "pop" beautifully!

Lip Cream Application

Lip Cream Application   Lip Cream Application
I'm wearing "Judy" Smooth Color Lip Cream topped with "Jessica" Gloss FX Lip Glaze.

Our luscious lip products promise you the prettiest pout, all naturally! For truly lush lips, condition your kisser with our Natural Care Lip Balm and follow up with a dose of color using our Smooth Color Lip Creams. And don't forget the shine from our Gloss FX Lip Glazes! If your lip cream is a bit stiff or doesn't apply as much color as you'd like, just rub it against the back of your hand -- the natural warmth of your skin will help to slightly melt the lip cream and give you a smooth, soft, perfect application!

Before & After

Jess Before   Jess After
With J.Lynne mineral makeup, you'll discover the look
of beautiful, luminous skin and soft, enhancing color -- naturally!