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About J.Lynne

Jessica Lynne MillerWelcome to J.Lynne Cosmetics, a vibrant indie beauty and mineral makeup company specializing in natural cosmetics. Our passion lies in helping women discover their pure, natural beauty!

Jessica Lynne Miller is the namesake, former designer, and former co-founder behind J.Lynne Cosmetics. She began researching and developing her own line of mineral makeup after years of using "traditional" cosmetics that were irritating her sensitive, acne-prone skin. Jess began learning about the benefits of mineral makeup, and selecting the highest quality natural cosmetic ingredients, she began researching, developing, and creating her products. With the launch of J.Lynne Cosmetics in January 2005, Jess brought her dedication to pure, natural cosmetic solutions to the world. Her desire is simple -- to create a mineral makeup collection with high-quality products that will help her customers feel "purely beautiful, naturally you!"

J.Lynne is a natural cosmetics company located in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. Our mineral makeup products are created in small batches and are completely free of chemicals, synthetics, fragrances and dyes. In addition, our natural cosmetics do not contain bismuth oxychloride, carmine, cornstarch, talc, or preservatives, which are ingredients sometimes found in other mineral makeup lines. Our mineral powder makeup products are created using only natural cosmetic grade titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which provide sun protection as well as improving staying power and color depth; serecite (pure, matte, uncoated mica powder); iron oxide, ultramarine, and manganese violet pigments; and natural cosmetic grade mica.

We are proud to be a natural cosmetics company creating cruelty-free makeup products. Our mineral powder makeup products are vegan-friendly, and all natural cosmetics manufactured by J.Lynne Cosmetics are tested only on humans, never on animals.

Pictured Above: Jess is wearing Smooth Mineral Foundation in "Ivory Cool 1.2", Mineral Glow Illuminating Powder in "Fauna", Soft Silk Mineral Blush in "Sweetness", Ultra Intensity Mineral Eyeliner in "Mistress", Smooth Color Lip Cream in "Rosalind", and Gloss FX® Lip Glaze in "Rachel".

Mineral Makeup Mutiny