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Mineral Finishing Powder     5.0 Out Of 5
     5.0 out of 11 reviews

Mineral Finishing Powder
Price:   Price varies based on options.
Note: Sample Sizes now 2X larger than before
Note: 50g Jar LARGE Full Size now available!
Note: TwistLock Sifter now available for select sizes!
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You've created the perfect canvas with our mineral foundation -- now give it that lasting, air-brushed finish with our multi-use, multi-purpose, multi-fabulous mineral powder makeup! We think of it as the ultimate all-in-one mineral face powder! Our mineral finishing powder is wonderful as:

- A setting and finishing powder, to keep mineral foundation looking great all day long.
- A light priming powder, for minimizing pores and shine.
- A sheer, light-weight bronzing powder (choose the next darkest shade).
- A soft, diffusing powder to tone down deeper eyeshadow and blush colors.
- A blending powder, to lighten or deepen mineral foundation shades.

NEW! TwistLock Sifter TwistLock sifter now available for 20g and 30g sizes! TwistLock Sifter  NEW!
This convenient new sifter can be locked after use to prevent product from accumulating above the sifter when not in use! Simply Unlock, Use, and then Lock Again!

NEW! Flexible Buying Now choose between 3 Sample Sizes and 3 Full Sizes for your convenience! Flexible Buying  NEW!
Baggie - Small Sample Size : 1/2 tsp. in a sealed baggie
5g jar - Medium Sample Size : 5 grams net vol (1 grams net wt) w/o sifter jar
10g jar - Large Sample Size : 10 grams net vol (1.5 grams net wt) w/o sifter jar

20g jar - Small Full Size : 20 grams net vol (2.5 grams net wt) sifter jar
30g jar - Standard Full Size : 30 grams net vol (5 grams net wt) sifter jar
50g jar - Large Full Size : 50 grams net vol (7.5 grams net wt) sifter jar

Ingredients: Serecite Mica (CI 77019). May Contain Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Ultramarines (CI 77007), Manganese Violet (CI 77742).

Application Tips: Dip a soft brush (we recommend our Luscious Kabuki Brush or our Taklon Kabuki Brush) into a small amount of finishing powder. This is a very light-weight product, so be sure to tap the brush handle very well to remove the excess powder. Softly buff the powder into your skin, blending well in light layers. For color-correcting, the finishing powder can be used before and/or after foundation application to help neutralize your skintone.

We highly recommend purchasing samples of our mineral powders. Our Mineral Finishing Powders are semi-sheer, so they will apply considerably lighter/softer than as shown in the color swatches. J.Lynne makes every attempt to photograph and describe each color accurately; however due to variances in monitor settings and visual perceptions, products may apply differently on your skin than they appear in the color swatches.

Mineral Finishing Powder Colors

Translucent - Colorless powder for sheer finishing.
Porcelain/Fair - Very soft beige, ideal for the lightest skintones.
Ivory/Light - Slightly deeper beige, for ivory and light skintones or as a bronzer for fair skin.
Medium/Tan - Mid beige for medium to tan skintones or as a bronzer for ivory/light skin.
Deep - Rich coffee-brown for the deepest skintones or as a bronzer for medium/tan skin.
Rose - Soft, subtle pink. Beautifully perks up tired complexions.
Peach - Sweet, neutral peach. An excellent finishing powder for all skintones.
Golden - Sunny yellow for adding sheer warmth to warm and golden-toned skin.
Lavender - Minimizes peach tones and discoloration for a lovely, air-brushed finish.
Mint - Minimizes redness in cooler and neutral skintones.
Golden/Green - Minimizes redness in warmer and golden skintones.

Product Reviews

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Reviewer: Anne
12/07/2009 05:17am
I recently got "Lavender". I ordered only two sample sizes at first because I was very nervous about the colour. But I saw the good reviews here and decided to try for myself. What should I say?! I absolutely love it! It REALLY gives the skin a creamy finish.I would not have believed it if I would not see for myself now. If I could give more than 5 stars for the product I definitely would!!!
Reviewer: Melodie
06/20/2009 01:07pm
I recently had D.O.T. laser skin resurfacing at my dermatologist (for wrinkles) and so now have extra incentive to protect my skin from the damaging rays of the sun. I now wear Blue Lizard sunscreen EVERY DAY, but don't like the shinyness. So, after applying, I brush on porcelain/fair priming powder to control the shine on really sunny days. On less sunny days, I use porcelain/fair finishing powder which has a bit more color than porcelain/fair priming powder, but I think provides a bit les sun protection. When I'm in a hurry, I have a mixture of sunscreen and a bit of ivory/light finishing powder - the added powder helps control the shine while providing enough color so my face isn't white. (I'm quite fair so ivory/light on its own is way too dark o its own but mixed with the white sunscreen, is perfect.) I also love the lavendar finishing powder. Lavender is the complement of yellow and our skin gets more yellowy as it ages so lavender finishing powder gets rid of the yellow and makes skin so creamy looking. (since my d.o.t. laser, I don't have that yellow sun damaged skin any longer but I still love using lavender finishing powder for a super polished look.

I just have to say how much I love all of Jess' products. Getting samples is super helpful and Jess always answers emails quickly. Plus, I love opening up the little wrapped packages - it's like having a birthday. As a fair skinned redhead, I have sensitive skin and have found that Jess' products are kinder to my skin than any other I've tried, regardless of price!
Reviewer: Lisa
06/17/2009 06:19pm
I was very skeptical about the lavender finishing powder, but when I tried it, I was very pleased with the results. It somehow softens the look of the skin, leaving a nice glow, but not shimmery. Very nice.
Reviewer: Randi
04/17/2009 03:52pm
I like the peach powder for everday. It has just enough color so it doesn't looke chalky. I have started using the medium/tan mixed with Flora Mineral Glow powder for a bronzer with just a hint of shimmer. The Rose powder adds just a hint of pink.
Reviewer: Tina
03/11/2009 06:27pm
I love this product. It's the icing on the cake! It makes my complexion look great.
Reviewer: Cynthia
03/06/2009 05:03am
The Peach finishing powder adds a very soft, natural finish (which makes my skin look much better than natural!). A great product for all faces. Since i've entered the "mature" stage of makeup and skin care, I'm much more aware of how products suit my skin. This is an excellent product; doesn't "settle" in fine lines but glides over the face, making everything look natural, but better.
Reviewer: Cheryl
01/06/2009 04:24pm
I have had the finishing powder in Med/Tan for quite some time. I bought it as someone from makeup alley recommended it to me. I really just starting using it and WOW, what a difference it makes in my skin. My husband and several coworkers have told my my skin looks like it's glowing lately, and this is the only thing I am doing different. It is a sheer wash of color and just brightens my skin. Find your color and give it a try it truly finishes off a well polished look.
Reviewer: Debbie
09/10/2008 11:21am
The Mint and Lavender FP's have been must-haves for me from the beginning! I like the Mint under foundation to tone down redness, and the Lavender is the finishing touch that gives my skin a smooth, creamy look.
Reviewer: Kate
08/26/2008 08:18am
I've been using the Mineral Finishing Powder in Medium/Tan as a bronzer and the sheer texture makes it easy to apply the perfect sun-kissed glow.
Reviewer: Tracy
07/05/2008 07:19am
I use Light/Ivory finishing powder and all I can say is wow! I truly does set and finish my makeup. It also will blend in even when I have a tan. Since I discovered mineral makeup I never visit my cosmetics isle in the stores, who wants to put all that gunk on their face?
Reviewer: Lenette
05/16/2008 10:23am
I've been wanting to try the Mint Mineral Finishing Powder for a long time, and was finally able to try it out recently. Wow! Should have ordered it sooner! This not only tones down the redness in my cheeks, but gives me a most amazing finish. Great product! I highly recommend this powder.
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