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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mineral makeup?

At J.Lynne Cosmetics, we believe in bringing beauty back to nature -- which is why our products are formulated with some of the most healthy and skin-loving natural ingredients available!

Our mineral makeup is created with naturally-occuring minerals which are purified and treated with a wide range of inorganic pigments. These minerals and pigments are then crafted into pure, all-natural cosmetic products, from foundation to lip gloss! Even "traditional" cosmetics companies use the same minerals and pigments in their products, but that's where the similarities end. You won't find any hard-to-pronounce chemicals, synthetics, or dyes in our products. In fact, ALL of our loose powder cosmetics only have 3 to 6 ingredients total! That's because our desire is to create products that do not contain unneeded fillers and preservatives. Our mineral makeup is pure, beautiful, and best of all, truly good to your skin!

Are J.Lynne products tested on animals?

We are very proud to offer products that are cruelty free and never tested on animals. The only product testing we do is on ourselves and on volunteers who love mineral makeup as much as we do!

Why is J.Lynne mineral makeup in loose powder form?

In order for companies to create pressed powders, eyeshadows, and blushes, the use of synthetic compounds and preservatives is usually necessary. Even loose powder makeup created by traditional cosmetic companies may contain unhealthy fillers and synthetics. When you buy J.Lynne Cosmetics products, you're getting pure mineral makeup that is highly pigmented and healthy for your skin. Nothing unncessary goes into our products, which means you get the look and feel of beautiful skin, naturally!

If you've never used powder foundation before, the soft, sheer-looking consistency may surprise you. Even with such a light-weight product, many women find that they can achieve a much higher level of coverage with mineral foundation than they can with regular liquid and creme foundations. Applied in light layers, our foundation can go from very light coverage to heavy concealing, depending on how much you use and your application method. Being able to customize your look with our makeup is just another wonderful benefit to mineral cosmetics!

Does J.Lynne mineral foundation contain sunscreen?

Many of our products contain titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide -- both of which provide natural barrier protection from the sun. Unfortunately we cannot specify an exact SPF without costly testing, and we do recommend that our customers always use sunscreen, even when wearing our minerals.

Do J.Lynne products contain bismuth oxychloride?

All of our products are completely free of bismuth oxychloride. While some women like the look they achieve using foundation that contains bismuth, the majority seem to prefer using foundation that does not contain this ingredient -- and we are happy to provide our customers with this option! Bismuth is known as a potential skin irritant, and while it lends a silky feeling to foundations, it often leaves a shiny glow on the skin. Our foundations are created to give your skin a soft, natural, matte appearance. For women who prefer a soft shimmer or luminous glow, we also offer a selection of Mineral Glow Illuminating Powders, designed to give your skin a beautiful, soft, lustrous finish!

Do J.Lynne products contain carmine or FD&C dyes?

All of our products are completely free of carmine and dyes. Carmine is a red/violet pigment that is comprised of the crushed shells of cochineal beetles. While carmine, along with certain dyes, have been FDA-approved for use in cosmetics, they have also been known to cause possible skin irritation and/or allergic reactions. While many mineral cosmetic companies choose to include carmine or dye-coated mica in their products, here at J.Lynne we are happy to be able to provide our customers with products that do not use these ingredients.

I've heard that mica might irritate my skin. Should I be concerned?

Mica is the name given to a group of naturally-occurring minerals which are mined, purified, and crushed into fine powders of varying particle size. Our products contain only cosmetic-grade mica, and we use different particle sizes depending on the product (low particle, pearlescent micas for our Satin Pearls Eyeshadows, and larger particle, sparkly micas for our Multi-Dimensions Eyeshadows). We also use serecite mica in our formulations, which is a plain, uncoated, untreated mica that is very sheer, soft, and silky to the touch. Most customers will never experience problems with the mica content of our cosmetics, but in very rare cases (for women with extremely sensitive skin or specific skin allergies), it may cause some minor irritation. As always, we highly recommend purchasing samples of our products to help you ensure that our products will work well for you!