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Smoulder Collection Eyeliner     5.0 Out Of 5
     5.0 out of 12 reviews

Smoulder Collection Eyeliner
Price:   Price varies based on options.
Note: *NEW* Mini extended trial size replaces our older style 5g jar sample size (read below)
Note: Full Size now 50% larger and comes in 10g jar with sifter (to prevent spills)
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J.Lynne mineral eyeliner colors are mysterious, bold, and always dramatic! Our mineral eyeliners will frame your eyes with sultry colors designed to bring out the true intensity of your gaze. Whether you're a "Charmer" or a "Tigress", these deeply pigmented and dramatic eye makeup colors will define your eyes and leave your admirers breathless! Our Smoulder Collection colors are deep and mysterious with a beautifully rich luster.

NEW! Flexible Buying INTRODUCING the new J.Lynne "Mini" trial size! Flexible BuyingNEW!

The "Mini" is a MUCH larger extended use trial size. It is a cross between a sample and a full size and is equivalent to HALF a standard full sized (10g) product. It comes in a more compact, sealed, and completely full 5g jar with sifter! This new "J.Lynne Mini" size looks and feels just like a full sized version -- only a little smaller and cuter! We hope you'll love this new size just as much as we do!

Please Note: The J.Lynne "Mini" replaces our older style 5g jar sample sizes for this product which are now discontinued and no longer available.

Mini Trial Size: 5 grams net vol (1-2 grams net wt) sifter jar
Full Size: 10 grams net vol (2-3 grams net wt) sifter jar

Ingredients: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499). May Contain Ultramarines (CI 77007), Manganese Violet (CI 77742).

Application Tips: Our mineral eyeliners may be applied dry for a soft, smoky effect or mix with our Eyeliner Sealant to create a long-wearing liquid formula. To wet-line, mix a small amount of mineral eyeliner powder with 1 - 2 drops of eyeliner sealant. Using the tip of your brush, mix the powder and sealant together to create a liquid consistency. You'll want to be sure that the mixture is dense with color and not too runny -- add extra eyeliner powder or sealant as needed. Then apply with your favorite eyelining brush by drawing a thin line directly next to your eyelashes. Allow the liquid eyeliner to dry for one minute before fully opening your eyes -- this will help to prevent running or smearing.

We highly recommend purchasing samples of our mineral eyeliner. Ultra Intensity Mineral Eyeliners are rich and deeply pigmented. J.Lynne makes every attempt to photograph and describe each color accurately; however due to variances in monitor settings and visual perceptions, products may apply differently on your skin than they appear in the color swatches.

Smoulder Collection Mineral Eyeliner Colors

Coquette - Rich, aquatic teal with blue-green undertones.
Charmer - Deepest emerald green.
Mistress - Deep midnight blue with silver undertones.
Drama Queen - Rich, luxe cool purple.
Tart - Deep, sultry black-cherry scarlet.
Strumpet - Deep, smoky taupe suede with cool gray undertones.
Femme Fatale - Deep copper brown with burgundy undertones.
Tigress - Rich bronze with golden undertones.
Flirt - Deep, smouldering brown-black espresso.
Vamp - Ultra deep jet black.

Product Reviews

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Reviewer: Jen
06/18/2009 11:13pm
I purchased 6 of the sample-size eyeliners for use on my trip to Vegas in May. I used them in conjunction with the eyeliner sealant and was super satisfied with the way the product stayed on without smudging or fading!! I have heavy lids and oftentimes find that my eyeliner will transfer onto my upper eyelid. Not with J. Lynn!!
Now that I'm back from vacation, I rotate the 6 colors almost everyday for work and still have tons of eyeliner powder leftover. It's an awesome value for the price.
Reviewer: Pat
04/26/2009 03:38pm
I've been using these eyeliners for more than a year and just can't say enough good things about them. Flirt is my favorite. The flat eyeliner brush works perfectly.
Reviewer: MM's Girl
04/13/2009 07:16am
I ordered samples of strumpet and tart. I love these colors. They are so vivid and beautiful. I just dip an angled eyeliner brush into some water OR saline (the kind for contact lenses) and dip it into the sample jar. A little bit is all u need. i have used the samples about 5 or 6 times each and still have plenty more!
Reviewer: Jenn
02/08/2009 02:55pm
I tried the sampler for all the eyeliner colors and I loved all of them. I used the liner sealer sold on the site and all the colors showed up really vibrant and stayed on all day. It makes it easy to wear a different color everyday.
Reviewer: Vera
01/10/2009 02:38am
I just received the eyeliner samples, I have 16 colors and try on my hand with tap water and the colors are beautiful.... so pretty... suprising, it stay and not smudge... i think will get the full sizes again!
Reviewer: Dawn
11/19/2008 08:30pm
I've used nearly every mineral company out there. ALL of J. Lynne's products that I've tried are FANTASTIC!
Reviewer: Ricki
11/08/2008 01:53pm
I got a sample of Coquette and love it! It goes on smoothly (especially when wet) and sparkles like crazy.
Reviewer: Hope
11/07/2008 07:43pm
I recently got a sample of "Femme Fatale" Ultra Intensity Eyeliner with an order I made and was very pleasantly surprised. I applied the liner wet with regular tap water and was surprised to find that it was really beautiful and intense and it stayed put (didn't smudge, flake or wear off) for 13 hours. I was very impressed and plan to get more of these to add to my collection. If they stayed that beautifully with just tap water, can you imagine how it would look with fancier liner sealants? :)
Reviewer: Kate
08/26/2008 08:38am
I was hesitant to try the eyeliner, as I have very almond eyes and eyeliner usually ends up smudged on my brow bone due to my heavy lids. But J. Lynne's eyeliners stay put even when applied dry.
Reviewer: Krissy
08/11/2008 12:40pm
I tried Bare Escentuals eyeliner and found that it smudged, was too sheer, and irritated my eyes. But J. lynne's is better--no smudging or irritation. The pigment is very concentrated, so whether you apply it wet or dry you get a nice line. Applied dry, it gives a soft but still defined daytime look. Applied wet, you can do "cat eyes" or wait until it's dry and soften the line with a smudger brush. My favorites for my light aqua eyes are Strumpet and Coquette. Coquette especially doesn't look garish like a neon blue. It's very tasteful and flattering to "warmer" blue eyes--nice for summer.
Reviewer: Tracy
07/20/2008 07:06pm
These are WONDERFUL! I have never, ever had eyeliner to stay in place all day! When I first tried mineral liner I was hooked. My favorites are Drama Queen and Vamp and I just ordered Flirt and added it to my top 3. I've used it almost every day since I received it. Jess has done an excellent job with the intensity of these colors, they are amazing. I have dark brown eyes and the intense colors of Jess's liners look gorgeous on.
Reviewer: Samantha
05/14/2008 02:42pm
I love J.Lynne's products, but in particular, these eyeliners. They are so versatile! I use them dry when I want to define my eyes with a natural look, and then use the sealant and apply them wet when I want a more dramatic eye. The best part is that they STAY all day, and don't wander up to crease.
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