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Japanese Garden Collection Eyeshadow     5.0 Out Of 5
     5.0 out of 12 reviews

Japanese Garden Collection Eyeshadow
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Note: *NEW* Mini extended trial size replaces our older style 5g jar sample size (read below)
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From soft to vivid, smoky to deep -- our Satin Pearls Mineral Eyeshadows encompass a wide range of shades and tones, created to compliment your eyes with true, lasting, and lustrous color! With their soft, smooth texture and beautifully luminous finish, these colors are as luxurious as satin, with the true luster of a pearl.

NEW! Flexible Buying INTRODUCING the new J.Lynne "Mini" trial size! Flexible BuyingNEW!

The "Mini" is a MUCH larger extended use trial size. It is a cross between a sample and a full size and is equivalent to HALF a standard full sized (10g) product. It comes in a more compact, sealed, and completely full 5g jar with sifter! This new "J.Lynne Miini" size looks and feels just like a full sized version -- only a little smaller and cuter! We hope you'll love this new size just as much as we do!
Please Note: The J.Lynne "Mini" replaces our older style 5g jar sample sizes for this product which are now discontinued and no longer available.

Mini Trial Size: 5 grams net vol (1-2 grams net wt) sifter jar
Full Size: 10 grams net vol (2-3 grams net wt) sifter jar

Ingredients: Mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891). May Contain Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Ultramarines (CI 77007), Manganese Violet (CI 77742).

Application Tips: J.Lynne mineral eyeshadows are loose-powder, which may be a little tricky to apply at first. Using your favorite eyeshadow brush (we recommend our Shade It Eyeshadow Brush), load up the bristles with eyeshadow powder, tap off the excess, and gently press the eyeshadow onto your lids. This helps to prevent powder fallout from the brush tip. For more intense color and to bring out the color and undertones, apply with a wet brush. Your eyes will truly mesmerize!

We highly recommend purchasing samples of our mineral eyeshadow. Satin Pearls eye shadows have a soft, gorgeous luster and luminosity. J.Lynne makes every attempt to photograph and describe each color accurately; however due to variances in monitor settings and visual perceptions, products may apply differently on your skin than they appear in the color swatches.

Japanese Garden Collection Satin Pearls Eye Shadow Colors

Mokuren - Delicate ivory with icy buff and pink tones.
Mimoza - Creamy, lustrous pale yellow.
Nashi - Lush wheat color with buff and golden tones.
Kinoko - Soft golden-brown with silver tones.
Tachibana - Golden-peach with pink irridescence.
Sakura - Sweet, lustrous pinky-peach.
Kuzu - Beautiful, luminous plum-pink.
Fuji - Soft, icy silver-violet with hints of pink.
Wakakusa - Icy, pale green with soft golden tones.
Takenoko - Olive green with icy bronze tones.
Seri - Soft, cool green with silver highlights.
Mikage - Lustrous silver-gray.

Product Reviews

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Reviewer: Carla N.
09/13/2012 01:49pm
I have Kinoko, and it is a *wonderful* shimmery greyed taupe mushroom color, mercifully lacking the unflattering (at least o me) greenish tones that so often afflict colors of this type. This is what I was hoping MAC "Sweet Sienna" would be!
Quality is superb: smooth, rich, "creamy"-feeling - just what a loose powder eyeshadow should be.
I'll be buying more, especially since J. Lynne is CRUELTY-FREE, which is more than can be said of many cosmetics companies, these days.
Reviewer: Becky
05/18/2010 04:13pm
I have samples of Mokuren (light cool pink), Mikage (silver), Kinoko (neutral mushroom color), and Seri (light silver with a hint of green). They all have great texture, soft and buttery, and have lots of color pay off. And they even stay on for a good amount of time. They are wonderful shadows and I'll be buying more when I use up the samples!
Reviewer: Kimberly
12/16/2009 12:19am
I got Takenoko as a free sample and now use it as an everyday all over lid color on the days I'm rushing to work. I really like that it is not too shiny and not too dark for daytime.
Reviewer: Ricki
09/09/2009 03:00pm
My new favorite look is use Mikage on my eyelid then blend Kuzu into the out corners and crease - these two colors work so well together. I line my eyes then with Diva liner (which, unfortunately, was discontinued). This is by far my favorite eyeshadow collection.
Reviewer: Ashley
08/24/2009 07:02pm
Mimoza is the best highlighter shade! I usually use MAC, Benefit, or Stila eyeshadows, and was never fully satisfied with the texture. They really irritated my eyes. Now I can trash them. Mimoza is such a beautiful color, and I have received so many compliments about how "bright eyed" or "more open" my eyes look. It looks so natural. The texture and color is like no other eyeshadow that I have tried. Thank you for making the perfect highlighter shade!
Reviewer: Emma
05/28/2009 06:25pm
These are really lovely! The colors are really stunning (but not too bold to look over done). My favorits are Kuzu and Fuji, and Wakakusa and Seri are really pretty together too. Mimoza and Mokuren are very nice lighter tones that add a lot of perly, frosty glimmer. They have a shimmer, but are not sparkely. Every shade that I tried was very similar to the description and picture. The only shade that didn't look wonderful was Tachibana, orange blossom. It is a pretty shade, it just didn't look good with my freckles :).
Reviewer: Rebecca
04/14/2009 11:25am
I purchased Mokuren and Fuji as substitute colors for another name brand product that were required for a performance group in which I participate. My J. Lynne products performed so flawlessly, looking fantastic even 12 hours later that others in my chorus want to know where I got my eye shadows. The best things are that I didn't spend all that time suffering from eye irritation and I can now wear eye makeup on a daily basis if I want to do so.
Reviewer: MM's Girl
04/13/2009 07:19am
I ordered samples of Kuzu and Kinoko. I love them both. Kinoko is much better as a highlight although in the jar it looks darker than it does on skin. Kuzu is gorgeous!!! perfect alone or for blending. and these shadows last all day
Reviewer: Ricki
09/08/2008 07:32am
I got a sample of Kuzu with my last order and I love it! It is a nice, shimmery darker pinky purple that lasts!
Reviewer: Krissy
08/11/2008 12:58pm
"Pearl" is an ideal way to describe Satin Pearls eyeshadow. They're not really a shimmer--more like the shine you see on a pearl. All the colors I've tried are soft and highly blendable. While not heavy, they are not so sheer that you can't tell you're wearing them. Applied dry, they give you plenty of color. Applied wet, they have a foiled look. I like Kinoko used as a crease color for daytime. Mimoza and Nashi bring out the blue in my light aqua eyes.

I originally tried J. lynne because I had trouble finding eyeshadows (including Bare Escentuals) that didn't irritate my eyes. I've had no problems with these shadows.
Reviewer: Julie
07/02/2008 09:20pm
Satin Pearls Eyeshadows are great. When applied over an eyeshadow base, they are long lasting and have just the right amount of color to glam up my eyes without looking overdone.
Reviewer: MeyRA
06/08/2008 09:24am
I use Mimoza eyeshadow, and it is very beautiful for me. Light and pearl yellow, it is a good highlighter too. I will buy big size!
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