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Flocked Makeup Sponge     5.0 Out Of 5
     5.0 out of 1 reviews

Flocked Makeup Sponge
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Our soft, durable, re-washable Flocked Makeup Sponge will perfectly smooth your foundation without causing irritation to your skin. It's ideal for foundation blending and medium/heavy concealing, and is the perfect application tool if you like to mix your foundation powder with aloe vera gel or moisturizer for a liquid consistency. We wouldn't be without it! (Note: The "J.Lynne" text on the picture above is an image watermark -- it does not appear on the actual sponge.)

We recommend washing your flocked makeup sponge at least once every 1-2 weeks, depending on usage. This will ensure that the sponge remains free of foundation/powder build-up.

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Reviewer: Erin Thomas
02/21/2011 03:14pm
I love these flocked sponges. I use them damp or dry to apply the mineral makeup, and they make it so easy to blend. The shape allows me to apply makeup easily in creases and small areas (like eyelids). I use one daily and with regular washing it lasts about a year. Great product!
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